This App Will Find—and Book!—Your Perfect Workout

Short of actually doing your workout for you and transferring back the toned butt and defined waist, technology is coming pretty good at nixing all of your excuses for not exercising. In fact, a new app, Vint, actually matches you will your best workout, and then goes ahead and books it for you.

Upon downloading the app, you’ll be ask to select the type of exercise that interests you from a list that includes activities like cardio, yoga, biking, HIIT, boxing, weight loss, and Pilates. Next, Vint will want to know your location and when you’re free to work out. Then, for $95 each month, you can book as many tailored workouts with a nearby instructor as you like–or, you can pay $35 for a one-off class.  Clever idea, right?

A key thing that sets this app apart from other fitness booking services like Class Pass is a concierge service that you answer all of your small-but-necessary questions about locations, instructors, and fitness, without forcing you to leave the app.

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Vint is available for download through iTunes and Google Play, and while it costs money to book a class, the app itself is free to download (so don’t try to use money as an excuse not to try it!).