Village Tea Company Debuts a Double Duty Beauty Tea


We all know that tea is high in antioxidants and therefore great for us in our mission to stay forever young (or at least look forever young). Village Tea Company’s Sassy Green Tea with Acai, however, takes the benefits of tea to a whole new level.

Their “Super Skin Cocktail,” as the company calls it, is formulated with specially harvested loose green tea leaves and Brazilian Acai for an anti-oxidant rich drink that actually doubles as a powerful topical skincare solution. So steep a heaping tablespoon of this yummy Sassy Green Tea with Acai in 8 ounces of water for 2-3 minutes and, while you enjoy drinking a 6-ounce cup, let the tea leaves continue to steep in the remaining 2 ounces for 15 more minutes. When you finish your cup, smooth the remaining 2 ounces on your face for what the company says is a brightening, toning, color-correcting, and cell-rejuvenating topical skincare solution.

Village Tea Company Sassy Green Tea with Acai, $13.95, at