Victoria’s Secret’s Erin Heatherton Talks Love Is Heavenly Scent & Makeup Secrets

Rachel Adler

erin heatherton love is heavenly1 Victorias Secrets Erin Heatherton Talks Love Is Heavenly Scent & Makeup Secrets

There are a few things that happen when you are in the presence of a Victoria’s Secret model. First of all, you realize just how short you are as an average person. Secondly, you regret splitting that cupcake with your co-worker just a few short hours ago, and third, you wonder (and actually discuss out loud) what it would be like to wake up every morning looking drop-dead-gorgeous.

A number of beauty gals gathered the other day to welcome Victoria Secret’s latest fragrance, Love Is Heavenly, which was inspired by that moment in which a crush “becomes something so much more.” The scent, evolving off of the Dream Angels Heavenly fragrance, is meant to bring us to that magical first kiss moment. A fruity-floral fragrance made of top notes of Dewberry, Orange Zest and Mandarin Flowers as well as Sandalwood and Luminous Musk is available in Eau de Parfum, Body Mist, Body Lotion and a Rich Moisture Cream.

I caught up with Angel Erin Heatherton at the event to steal some of her beauty secrets. When asked what she thought made the perfect summer fragrance, she noted that “You want something that’s fresh, and light, and not something that’s too heavy. You want it to be refreshing, to make you smell nice. Not make you smell gross [when you sweat].”

As for the beauty tricks she’s stolen from makeup artists on the sets of shoots, Heatherton said that everything she does now she has learned from a set. “I’ve learned first that you can change your whole face with just difference concealers in different places, you know opening up your eye by putting the lighter concealer in the middle, or shading by making it lighter under your eyebrows, under the cheekbones and contouring underneath. I think you can work with the most neutral colors for the most basic makeup and it can change your whole look, like how fresh and beautiful you look.” She also added, “It’s really the simple things. Like you can use a bit of colored lip balm on your cheeks for blush. I definitely think you should always choose one thing to accentuate. Never have it all accentuated and that makes it more sophisticated.”

Love is Heavenly is available now exclusively at Victoria’s Secret and