Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Are Obsessed With This Diet

Victoria's Secret Show Model

Photo: Wenn


If you’ve ever wondered how Victoria’s Secret models manage to sculpt a body that only ever jiggles in the right places, we just might have an answer.

It’s a new food delivery service called Sakara that Cosmopolitan reports supermodels like Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge, as well as celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Lena Dunham swear by.

No, it’s not filled with frozen and tasteless low calorie meals, nor does Sakara expect followers to stick to a liquid-only diet. Instead, this refreshingly healthy supermodel-approved diet focusses on organic, locally-sourced, plant-based, fresh meals that are packed with nutrients.

A quick scan of the Sakara website will tell you this eating plan has nothing to do with counting calories or cutting out too much of what you love: “We don’t count calories, points, carbs or pounds. We’re not vegetarians, vegans, raw foodies or extremists is any way. We believe in simplicity: local foods, whole ingredients and loving hands,” it reads.

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Every meal is made from Sakara’s New York-based kitchen, and the service includes three meals every weekday, leaving you up to your own devices (and willpower) on the weekends.

“It’s not a diet and there are no rules, just suggestions [i.e., eat three Sakara meals per day on weekdays] to help you eat healthier and have a little more energy. You can’t fall off the wagon because there is no wagon,” Sakara founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise (who’s also a nutritionist) told Cosmopolitan.

As you’d expect, a service like this doesn’t come cheap–depending on where you live trying Sakara will set you back $99 per day, or $1,390 outright for a 20-day plan.