Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012: By the Numbers

Rachel Adler

victoria secret fashion show2012 Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2012: By the Numbers

Every year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wows the crowd with their extravagant runway outfits, show-stopping performances, and of course, a bevy of gorgeous models with jaw-droppingly fit bodies. But what many people tend to forget as they are glued to their television screens is all of the prep work that goes into making the models look drop dead sexy.

We broke down the pain-staking details that go into the show for you (from the 80 applications of Victoria’s Secret mascara to the 38 spray tans), by the numbers.

  • This is the 17th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which will air Dec. 4 on CBS)
  • 28 pairs of wings were worn on the runway
  • 18 makeup artists, 22 hair stylists & 7 manicurists helped to turn Supermodels into Angels
  • There were 120 applications of VS makeup Color Drama Lipstick
  •  And 80 applications of VS makeup mascara
  • 50 cans of So Sexy Style & Hold Hairspray were used to perfect the Angel look
  • The models went through 50 bottles of Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Fragrance Lotion
  •  There were 38 spray tan applications (one for each model, of course)
  •  The average heel height of the models’ Nicholas Kirkwood shoes is 6 inches
  • This year’s stage consists of 102 feet of runway
  • 38 models were cast in this year’s show
  •  There were 1,077 seated guests per show
  • Viewers from 185 countries will be watching

Are you as wowed as we are by the amount of bottles of lotion and hairspray that went into the event? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Getty Images/Bryan Bedder]