How Victoria’s Secret Angels Are Prepping Their Skin Before the Runway Show

How Victoria’s Secret Angels Are Prepping Their Skin Before the Runway Show
Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

It’s expected that seasoned models such as Elsa Hosk, Leomie Anderson and the Hadid sisters would be well-informed on how to take care of their skin. An occupation that requires putting your face and body on constant display practically demands it.

But when it comes to the famed Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the best of the best in skin care is recruited to ensure that every single woman can get her glow on and make it look effortless.

Enter Georgia Louise, celebrity facialist to the stars. This isn’t her first go-round with the Angels (she also prepped them for last year’s show), but she’s just as excited the second time around about her custom plan for perhaps the most highly anticipated lingerie event of the year.

“My focus for the Angel face is to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin leaving it runway ready,” she tells StyleCaster. “This includes reducing inflammation and blemishes with LED light, massaging their face and shoulders to release muscle tension, and lifting and contouring with microcurrent to give the models’ skin confidence.”

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Before the Show

It should come as no surprise that planning ahead is the name of the game when you’re catwalking in front of millions. For skin care specifically, Louise recommended models do a daily facial massage with the Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone to drain and depuff the face.

Another product she suggested for New York specifically is Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics Anti-Pollution Drops since they protect from polluted air. “It’s also important that the girls refrain from exfoliating a few days leading up to the show because it can cause irritation and sensitivity,” says Louise.

And of course, there are the basics: Drink plenty of water, stay away from nightshades and inflammation foods and get beauty sleep.

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Custom Treatments

Beyond those product recommendations, Angels are also getting the VIP treatment with bespoke GLoToGo treatments, a.k.a. custom Georgia Louise protocol to instantly deliver maximum gloss, high-definition cheekbones, depuffing, contouring, and sculpting for an immediate glow.

“I specifically conceptualized this facial for that runway glow that can only be created through performance skin care and an array of beauty tools so the angels are runway ready,” says Louise. “The makeup artists will have more time for color and creativity and spend less time concealing and contouring.”

The most important factor being considered when creating these one-of-a-kind facials is the high-beams lights on the runway. For that reason, there aren’t any oils, actives like alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acids or quickly penetrating ingredients being used. Instead, this is “a superficial facial leaving a lipid layer on their skin for even skin tone and texture.”

“I’m known for creating the bespoke facial, meaning no two facials are the same, and naturally no two models are the same. Every model will have a customized treatment to target their skin concerns,” says Louise. “I do always finish my treatment with Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics Glow-Drops to give a nice little shimmer to the top of the Angels’ cheekbones.”

Re-Creating the Glow

We know what you’re probably thinking: How am I supposed to re-create something that’s bespoke? While you obviously can’t get the exact facial described above, you can still get familiar with Dr. Barbara Sturm, a skin-care line beloved by celebs outside the Victoria’s Secret stratosphere, too.

There’s also the GloPulse , a face tool a lot of the Angels already have to use before and after the show to maintain hydrated skin. It looks like a headband or headphones, but it’s way more than meets the eye. Through the knobs that sit on either side of the face, negative and positive ion currents are sent to and through the face to help products better penetrate the skin, thus leading to faster results.

Though it’s noninvasive (unlike treatments with similar results such as microneedling), there’s still the option of different power settings, depending on how sensitive your skin is. And, of course, it works best with Louise’s conductive cotton sheet masks, which come with the tool.