Victoria’s Secret Accused of Copying Pat McGrath’s Makeup Packaging

Victoria’s Secret Accused of Copying Pat McGrath’s Makeup Packaging
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Victoria’s Secret remains a dominant fashion force, but not without its fair share of controversy. Each year, its high profile runway show is marred with a set of routine criticisms, like lack of body diversity and culturally insensitive costuming. The 2017 event, set in Shanghai, China, was its most talked-about rendition to date, thanks to a number of setbacks. These included the absence of Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry, both of whom were banned by the country for what was deemed offensive behavior.

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Now, the lingerie brand is in hot water again for allegedly copying one of the beauty industry’s most beloved artists: Pat McGrath. It all started on Monday night when Instagram user @diet_prada shared a side-by-side photo of Victoria’s Secret’s new fragrance ornaments, which appears to be heavily influenced by the Pat McGrath Labs sequin packaging. In fact, they look nearly identical.

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Credit: Instagram | @diet_prada

“In 2017, women are not shopping @victoriassecret the way they used to. They’re still offering padded bras, airbrushing, and ill-advised ‘tribal’ runway looks to a world of women who are increasingly questioning the status quo,” said @diet_prada. “Another new strategy – knocking off the mythical goddess @patmcgrathreal and her instantly iconic makeup packaging. Hey VS – the way to win women back is DEFINITELY not by copying them.”

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Soon after, followers echoed the caption with their own unfiltered commentary. “Yaaaassssssss!!!! I saw this and instantly thought knock off!! The @patmcgrathreal packaging in Sephora was so good last year. This cheap knock off version is lame,” said one commenter.

Another said, “Also been wondering when they would stop doing tribal looks in their shows. I think they are trying to justify it by hiring models of color. But at the end of the day just because someone isnt white doesnt mean they are from a particular “tribe” or automatically are allowed to wear feather headresses or knock offs of tribal prints and painting.”

Eventually, McGrath herself caught wind of the post and wrote, “😱😱😱😱I LOVE UOOOO @diet_prada ⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️❤️❤️😍.”

We eagerly await Victoria’s Secret’s response because this tea is piping hot.