Victoria’s Secret Angels Share Their Tricks For Valentine’s Day Date Looks

Augusta Falletta

The countdown to the most romantic day of the year is on, ladies. With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, it’s time to start prepping for the day of love. From dropping hints about where to dine to planning out your date night makeup, we’ve all got some decisions to make. Because no one knows romance like Victoria’s Secret, we caught up with Angels Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge to get their take on beauty looks, their ideal gifts, and where they’d love to be whisked away to for a romantic date.

Beauty High: First things first, what are your go to Valentine’s Day beauty looks? 

Candice Swanepoel: You can’t go wrong with a little liner, and I always love a feline look for the eyes. Overdone makeup can be really scary, so just an enhancement of your natural beauty is a great look.

Lily Aldridge: I like red, obviously, or pink. Something sexy and flirty, like a red lip. Valentine’s Day is the one time of year you can really just go for it and play around.

What typical beauty essentials do you go for? 

CS: I’m really rigid when it comes to skincare. As soon as I wake up, I wash my face, and then use my foundation. I love anything with tea tree oil in it, and of course I always need an eyelash curler.

LA: A good moisturizer is so important, but more than that is the lifestyle. If you’re not drinking enough water, or eating enough food, it’s going to show in your skin.

What gifts would you love to receive for Valentine’s Day? 

LA: Lingerie is one of the most romantic gifts, so for a man to buy lingerie and perfume, and of course chocolates and roses, it’s just the right time for a man to spoil me.

What would your ideal date night be?

CS: Anywhere on a beach or an island. I just want to be whisked away to the beach. Take me to Jamaica, I’m just happiest in the sun.

LA: My ideal date would be good food, nice wine, and my husband. Just a night to take time with each other and tell each other “I love you.”