The $9 Beauty Tool Victoria’s Secret Models Use

VS models
Photo: Getty Images

New York Fashion Week is your chance to get a sneak peek at new trends and ogle the gorgeous (and gorgeously outfitted) models strutting down the catwalk. It’s easy to look at those impossibly high cheekbones and perfectly symmetrical features and write off their looks as good genes, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes—and by that we mean extensive teams of highly trained hair and makeup artists with every pricey tool, product, and palette at their disposal.

While we may never be able to exactly replicate the looks of Victoria’s Secret models, it turns out that we can steal some of their beauty secrets, thanks to celebrity aesthetician Elizabeth Kennedy, who revealed some of her tricks to E! News while backstage at the TOME fashion show this week. To combat the effects of long hours and exhaustion, Kennedy told E! that she uses “a jade roller prior to [skin-care products] to reduce swelling and puffiness.”

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Kennedy revealed that the roller has its origins in ancient Chinese beauty practices, and has become a favorite of Victoria’s Secret models including Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo, for its magical-seeming ability to reduce inflammation, fight toxins, and prep skin for makeup.

The roller’s not going to put you into debt, either, ringing in at $9 at Walmart. Hey, if it’s really as good as they say, then that’s a Fashion Week beauty trend we’ll definitely plan to invest in.