Two Victoria’s Secret Hotties Spill Their Slimming Secrets

Bikini season is almost upon us, which basically translates to panic mode for those of us who’ve spent the winter not doing much of anything physical. So normally, hanging out with a bunch of Victoria Secret Angels wold be last thing on our to-do list, until we realized: Who better to give advice on how to get in shape and what to eat as we transition to spring?

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We caught up with Angels Behati Prinsloo and Alessandra Ambrosio while browsing through the latest Victoria’s Secret Swimwear collection and—judging by all the crop tops, cut outs, and light colors that are about to hit shelves—we needed every tip we could get. As a bonus, the beauties also spilled about how they maintain their thriving love lives (Behati is engaged to People‘s reigning Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine, while Alessandra and fiance Jamie Mazur have two children), so read on for some very valuable information!

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Photo: Victoria’s Secret

What’s your swim-season workout regimen?

Behati Prinsloo: “I love doing pilates and yoga but if I’m going to be at a beach I love playing volleyball with my friends and stand up paddle boarding, so if there are activities at the beach I can do I definitely prefer that than going to the gym.”

Alessandra Ambrosio:  “I like spinning classes, and doing pilates on this new machine, which gives you great results. Really though I just love to be on the beach and surf, play volleyball with my friends, chase my kids around. If you keep active on the beach you get a great workout.  I work out maybe three times a week, I’ll do one day of yoga, one day of cardio, and one day of toning.”

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What’s your bikini season diet?
“Before a swim trip I try to cut out salt and sugar and keep the bread and pasta to a minimum, but pasta is my favorite food so I can never truly cut it out. I just try and kind of be healthier and cut out the bad things.  I usually try to stay healthy year round. I splurge and eat pizza or In N Out so I always just try to eat healthier the next day. I try to make it more of a lifestyle.”

AA: “I love health juices, fresh food, I’m a big fan of protein so I’ll have chicken and steak. I just try to cut the fatty foods and the sugars, but of course you splurge sometimes. I love french fries.”

You both have handsome men on your arms. What are your secrets to maintaining a good relationship?
“As long as you make each other laugh, you have stuff in common, you challenge each other, and that person is your best friend you cannot go wrong.”

AA: “Relationships are work, but you need to have fun. To me, you need to find someone that makes you happy, that makes you laugh, who makes your life easier, that cares about you, and you want to do all the same to that person — its all about doing and receiving.  Sometimes we’ll take breaks here and there, we’ll travel together for like a day or two and that keeps the romance alive. During the week we’ll try to go for dinner just the two of us. It depends how busy life is.