Victoria Beckham: “We Don’t Want Anyone to Know I Eat”; Hates “Tons of Retouching”

Wendy Rodewald
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Photo: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham may keep tight control over her image — her never-changing facial expression is just one example — but the designer and former Spice Girl is not a fan of Photoshop.

“I find it embarrassing when you don’t look like yourself, when you’ve had tons of retouching,” Beckham tells the T: The New York Times Style Magazine in a new profile. “I don’t want to be made to look like I’m 25,” she says in the article. “I’m 39. I don’t have any issues with my age.”

But that’s not to say Beckham doesn’t care how she looks. A paragraph later, she asks photographer Juergen Teller, who shot her for the magazine, to “go easy on her wrinkles.” And when the Teller suggests placing a plate of grapes in the background of the shot, she declines: “We don’t want anyone to know I eat,” she says. “Why ruin that?”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham photographed by Juergen Teller for T: The New York Times Style Magazine.
Photo: via NY Times

As for her habit of never smiling in photos, Beckham doesn’t have a reason. “I dunno,” she says. “I smile in family pictures.” Maybe Posh just has a case of Bitchy Resting Face? “When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.”

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