Victoria Beckham Shared a Gorgeous Selfie of Her Rarely Seen Freckles

Victoria Beckham
Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to makeup, Victoria Beckham knows her stuff. From her own makeup collection with Estée Lauder to the dozens of hacks shared on her social media, the 44-year-old is a cut above other celebrities when it comes to doing her own glam. So, considering how many tricks and tools she has at her disposal, it’s understandable why she often hides her natural sun-kissed freckles with a full face of makeup.

And though we love Beckham for her done-up glam, it’s always refreshing to see the rare moment when she lets her natural freckles peek through, such as on Monday when she shared a selfie of her almost-never-seen sun-kissed birth marks.

The Instagram picture featured Beckham and her 15-year-old son, Romeo, in the middle of an intense conversation about tennis. The selfie included Beckham showing off her signature profile, while her son crouched into the frame from the back. And though the photo didn’t show Beckham’s freckles as clearly as, say, Emily Ratajkowski in October, fans could still catch a visible glimpse of the fashion designer’s reddish birth marks under her eyes and around her nose.

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Though we doubt that Beckham will be going bare face, à la Cardi B, anytime soon, we’re hoping that this selfie means that the Spice Girl will show her freckles more often in the future. We caught a glimpse of them this time, but we would love to see the full face, Becks.