News: Victoria Beckham’s New Bangs; The Scoop on Pricey Rose Oil

Victoria Moorhouse
victoria beckham bangs

Lia Toby/

Victoria Beckham has a history of defining haircuts, but her latest chop takes the cake. The designer was spotted out with a brand new set of bangs, further proving that it’s the hairstyle to have this season. [People]

If there’s any skin care product that will empty out your bank account, it’s rose oil. But considering how much the “plant oil elixir” of sorts can do for your skin, it might just be worth the cash. Here’s the gist on the buzzy (and budget-breaking) ingredient. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Things not to do days before your wedding? Besides debuting a drastic new cut (which you may hate), you’ll want to skip that laser facial. Turns out, it can have some pretty serious side-effects like bruising and swelling that you won’t want to waltz down the aisle with. How about saving the spa treatment for a rainy day a few weeks before or after your nuptials? [Allure]

The newest superfood craze is quite unexpected, and it consists of eating the leaves of that stalk of broccoli. Nicknamed “broccoleaf,” the snack is reportedly packed with vitamins and nutrients. Who knew? [Byrdie]