Vanessa Hudgens Did Actually Cut Her Hair For New Role!

Rachel Adler

We spotted Vanessa Hudgens in a short, choppy new hairstyle on the set of her movie Gimme Shelter a few days ago, and assumed she was donning a wig a la Dakota Fanning. But, it appears Hudgens actually went for the chop, admitting to Access Hollywood that the new ‘do makes her feel a bit like a “soccer mom.”

Hudgens said, “Oh man, it’s really intense. I’m still getting used to it. Honestly, I kind of feel like a soccer mom, but we’re going to let that go. There’s nothing wrong with soccer moms, but I’m only 22!”

Hudgens is excited to take on the role, who she describes as “homeless and she doesn’t care about her look very much. I kind of look like a boy throughout the whole movie.”

This seems like a different direction for the actress, known for her long, flowing boho locks. Apparently, director Ron Krauss and the actress actually were the ones to go for the first chop on her locks. “I grabbed the scissors and started cutting my actual hair and then my director decided that he was going to grab the scissors, he grabs a chunk of my hair and just chops it.” Hudgens explained. She noted that she missed her hair, but a role is a role!

We’re anxious to see what she does with the style as it grows out – Emma Watson certainly has some short hair competition coming her way!

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