Makeover Alert! Vanessa Hudgens Is Feeling Blue

Rachel Krause

Photo: vanessahudgens/Instagram

When it comes to beauty, Vanessa Hudgens is no shrinking violet—or shrinking bluebell, for that matter. The actress has proven time and time again that she much prefers taking hair and makeup risks over playing it safe, and her latest look is yet another testament to that.

After bleaching much of her long extensions to a super-light ombré last month (she was sporting a choppy shoulder-length look in dark brown before that), Vanessa is at it again, this time with a hair hue that doesn’t exist in nature—only on birds of paradise and Kylie Jenner.

We’ve seen how much celebrities love their unnatural rainbow shades (case in point: Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, the list goes on), and Vanessa’s multidimensional mix of pale blue and seafoam green looks gorgeous with her olive skin tone and dark eyes. The result is pretty, soft and surprisingly subtle (for blue hair, that is). If nothing else, it certainly goes great with her flower crown.

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