‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Katie Maloney on Her Beauty Blog and the Products She Borrows From Her Boyfriend

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katie maloney story Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney on Her Beauty Blog and the Products She Borrows From Her Boyfriend

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Ever heard of a place called SUR? If you follow the cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ this trendy Hollywood dining hotspot (and the happenings of those employed by it) is the nucleus of quite a few dramatic moments on the reality TV show. It’s also the place you were probably introduced to Katie Maloney, a cast member of that said show, the girlfriend to SUR’s Tom Schwartz, which was also a romance that due to infidelity buzz and talks of engagement, got a lot of playtime this season, and a girl with a big appreciation for beauty. Follow her on Instagram (an account that holds 270,000 followers!), and you’ll see a slew of lipstick selfies, quick beauty tips, and long cascading wavy ‘dos à la brand new extensions.

Katie is actually the co-founder of a beauty blog called Pucker & Pout, and as you know, we’re always keeping our eyes out for beauty vloggers and bloggers sharing what they do. Visit her site and you’ll find tutorials, tips, product suggestions, and more. We caught up with Katie herself to get the scoop on the site—check it out below.

What made you start the blog?
Katie Maloney: Obviously, all the content that I put up there are things that I do or products that I use or certain recipes—day-to-day stuff that I have done and believe in. The show—we get such a big following on social media and I’m like, how great would it be utilize that in a way that is more productive? It’s a place that people can go and learn and try tutorials, basically all the information that I’ve always shared with my girlfriends. I thought it would be cool to use the media following for something creative and fun and productive. I love it and it’s been so much fun, and I want to extend it more too and do more in the world of beauty.

You cover a very broad range of beauty on the site, everything from skin care to lipstick. What’s your favorite to write about?
It’s like picking your favorite child! All of it, really. It’s fun to do the tutorial kind of stuff because I think that’s somewhat interactive. It’s more than just words on the page. I try to think of people sitting in front of their computer trying to follow along with the steps. That’s always fun. For lack of better words, I’m a product whore. Ever since I was young, I would save up all my money and go to the Walmart or Target and go like forever in the makeup aisle and get nail polish and go home and put it all on. Even as an adult, I get so excited when I see that there is a new smokey eye smudge stick thing from CoverGirl or something. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. I have to go get that and try it and write about it.’

What has being on a reality TV show taught you about doing your own makeup? Have you picked up any tricks for being prepped for filming or seeing yourself on camera?
It definitely does. Especially with hair and stuff. I’d be like, ‘Why did I do that with my hair? Why did I curl it that way?’ With reality TV, it’s supposed to be real, so it’s not like you’re going to the ball every day like with a full glamour makeup on and your hair fixed and nice. You definitely have to figure out a way to keep it natural and keep it real and authentic to how I look on a daily basis, but then again bear in mind that there are cameras there and that high definition picks up everything. It becomes a little bit of a ‘more-is-less.’ You have to put more on to look like you’re wearing less. It’s an odd thing, you know, but figuring out how to make your eyes pop a little more with a little highlighter in the corner of your eye or a little more contour on the cheeks to give your face shape to it.

Are there any looks that don’t translate well on camera?
It can be a variety of things. I think not putting too much blush because that really tends to show on camera. You look like a clown kind of. You have to be a little aware of the blush on camera. And also, if you want to do your eyes up a little bit, I say don’t go too heavy. It just doesn’t read the best on camera, especially with high-def and as lighting changes. Try to keep it as clean and not put too much of that shimmer and glitter and all of that because it can be distracting and make your eyes look muddy.

What are your favorite products to borrow from your boyfriend [Tom Schwartz]?
I definitely always steal his face moisturizer. We both use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, but I usually run out before he does so I tend to steal his. For a long time, I didn’t have brow gel so I was using his—he has brow gel for some reason.

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Yeah, I don’t know. I think because when he goes on modeling jobs so he can keep them groomed. I’ve definitely been guilty of using his deodorant.

Men’s cologne smells super good, too.
And his cologne! I love men’s cologne. For a long time, I was wearing the YSL L’Homme. It’s a cologne, but it smells so clean and I like the musky smell to it.

If you and Tom get engaged, would you be open to sharing wedding beauty details on your blog?
Oh, I would definitely be doing that.

Do you know what you would want to do beauty wise for your wedding?
I’m not a fan of the princess, pouf-y kind of dress. I like the lace. Sort of not super tight but just pretty to the floor, sleeves, and maybe an open back and do some really pretty, I call it ‘Lana Del Ray waves.’ Just really pretty and natural makeup.

Have you learned any good tips from anyone else beauty wise on the show?
I feel like everyone on the show for beauty comes to me! [Laughs] So no, not really.

What are the things that people come to you to do most often?
To do their hair or to contour their face. I do my boyfriend’s hair regularly. He’s always asking me if he has a casting or something. I do Scheana’s hair often. When I was friend’s with Stassi, she would always ask me to do her hair or contour her face.

What’s one product that you have the most of?
Oh my gosh. I have too much of everything. I have easily about 30 different hair products from hair serum to hairspray to dry shampoo. I have four of each, of course. With my makeup, I have probably 30 lipsticks. I have at least 5-6 different kinds of blush. Three different powders. So many concealers and contouring palettes. I don’t do a whole lot of eyeshadow so usually I have a couple palettes with all the colors I like to use. Lipsticks and probably nail polish—I have an abundance of.

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Your skin section of the site features a lot of DIY masks or exfoliants. Are there any cool beauty trends or weird processes you’re really intrigued by or want to try?
I’ve seen people who do the treatments done on their face. They put like blood or something on their face. I’ve always been curious about those body wrap things where you go and they wrap you up and it makes your skin glow and it tightens it up and everything. I’ve always been interested in that. I’ve always wanted to do that thing where you put your feet in the water and the little fish suck off your dead skin.

Who’s your beauty icon?
Gwen Stefani is amazing all-around in terms of the way she dresses and her hair and her iconic red lips. She’s definitely at the top of my list.

I know on the show you had dyed your hair and there were comments about your hair actually turning out orange. Would you go blonde or lighter?
Yeah. I mean, I still want to one day. I want to be a platinum blonde, but it’s so hard on your hair. I have really thick, strong hair so it could almost take it but the amount of upkeep… For being really into beauty and makeup, I’m also super low-maintenance. I think that I would get totally fed up of having to constantly go in and get my hair touched up. I would like to experiment with hair color more, but I just don’t know if that’s just a dream I have to give up.