Vampire Weekend


At the premiere of the much anticipated vampire movie Twilight, there was an undeniable abundance of black floral accessories. Surely this was due to the film’s dark gothic theme and it got me thinking. First, I went far back to reference the floral pins that Patricia Field designed for the Sex and the City costumes one season, then I remembered the similar Colette Malouf headbands that went down the F/W 2008 Derek Lam runway. I went trolling online to see if I could find some current designs. Colette has gorgeous accessories but they turned out to  be quite pricey, so I went on to my new favorite recession-friendly website, I found a plethora of handmade, gorgeous, black floral headpieces, but one designer stood out from the rest: BLB designs. My favorite color being blush pink I settled on this design. It’s original, fresh, and perfect for this weekend’s parties. (And yes, I’m already thinking about the weekend.)


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