50 Valentine’s Day Ideas Straight from Pinterest

50 Valentine’s Day Ideas Straight from Pinterest

It’s easy to just do the standard box-of-chocolate and card for Valentine’s Day, or maybe a new pair of matching lingerie, but we think Valentine’s Day deserves a little more respect. It is the holiday celebrating love, after all, and who couldn’t use a reminder of that?

Whether you’re showing your love for a partner or for your most precious friends, a little effort can make a big difference. Pinterest is full of ideas for making the day a little more special, whether it’s adding a chic touch of decor or a tasty homemade treat or a DIY trinket that really says “I was thinking of you.”

Here are some of our favorite ideas for spreading the love on February 14th.

1. Gold balloons are always chic—especially when they’re Valentine’s Day themed.

2. Cute: Make fortune cookies out of red fruit roll-ups.

3. Freeze flowers in ice cubes for a gorgeous twist on cocktails.

4. This Glossier lip tint will make any beauty look festive for V-Day.

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Photo: Glossier

5. Make heart-shaped ice cubes with pretty pomegranate seeds inside! 

6.  Free printable fortune cookies are one way to get a message to your S.O.

7.  Who wouldn’t love to be woken up to a scene like this? Breakfast, balloons and a whole lotta love!

8. Create an origami heart with a meaningful quote.

9. Use your thumbprint and some paint to create this adorable mason jar that can be used as the perfect V-Day decor.

10. A giant game of Valentine’s Day tic-tac-toe may be in the cards if it looks this cute.

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11. Buy a cool blackboard mug and write a cute note on it in the morning.

12. Whether it’s for yourself, your SO or your kids, this is easily the cutest way to do donuts on the 14th.

13. Make a giant Oreo skillet cookie together—it’s only two ingredients.

14. What better way to decorate at your party than with a giant balloon heart?

15. Rent old Hollywood films to see how romance was really done back in the day.

16. Trying to keep things healthy this holiday? Obviously heart shaped fruit is the way to go.

17. Learn how to write a love letter.

18. Invitations for a Galentine’s Day party need to be this cute.

19. For a girls only Valentine’s Day celebration, these DIY fry holders will be much appreciate.

anti valentines day 19 50 Valentines Day Ideas Straight from Pinterest

Photo: Studio DIY

20. DIY a fake tattoo with your valentine’s name on it (or one that says “love sucks” if that’s where your head is.)

21. If you’re celebrating with a group of friends or family, a DIY mimosa bar is basically mandatory.

22. Use some cheesy fruit-based puns, and write them on actual fruit.

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23. Write a bunch of activities to do together on popsicle sticks and when you’re feeling spontaneous, randomly pick one.

24. Go all out with your Valentine’s Day makeup with pink eyeshadow and illuminator.

25. Compile a list of historic events that happened on your anniversary.

26. Get an awesomely cool black heart manicure.

27. Make fun leather heart-shaped coin pouches for your friends.

28. Use these free printable tags to make DIY candy skewers to celebrate.

29. Another Valentine’s Day idea: Give your sweetie printable ‘naughty’ vouchers. A little cliché, but hey, it’s February 14.

30. Make these heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberries. 

31. Show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them with this adorable printable to hang on a nail polish.

32. Create cute bookmarks for friends or colleagues using pink paint swatches. What’s that, they only use Kindles? Make them anyway!

33. Use scrap paper to create clever cards like this.

34. Printable love coupons are a cute way to customize your DIY gift.

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Photo: Etsy/CrossbowPrintables

35. Break out your old Jenga set. Use a pen or thin marker to write different love-themed instructions on the blocks.

36. These DIY bath bombs are a great gift to a friend or to yourself (to enjoy by yourself or with your SO).

37. Print out a these Valentines for every person you want to tell you love (friends included, obviously.)

38. Did you meet your SO on Tinder? This needs to be their Valentine’s Day card.

valentines day ideas 50 Valentines Day Ideas Straight from Pinterest

39. Buy some red food coloring and make these brownies. 

40. If all else fails, there’s always the booze bouquet.

41. Pink cocktails! Because being drunk on Valentine’s Day may need to happen.

44. Not a sweets person? Heart-shaped pepperoni pizza might do the trick. 

45. Make a wreath out of balloons that haven’t been blown up yet.

46. Give the gift of caffeine this V-Day with “Wifey” and “Hubby” mugs.

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Photo: Etsy/MadelineVyAndCo

47. Use common snacks to create Valentine’s Day Instagram gold.

48. Here’s how to make your own rosewater—packaged in pretty spray bottles, it’s a great gift for your the women in your life.

49. Make pretzels dipped in pink, red, and purple sugar. Yum!

50. This tutorial has your DIY Valentine’s Day decor covered.

A version of this article was originally published in January 2017.

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