Vajayjay Madness: The Biggest Trends For Your Private Parts


It’s safe to say that with every year that goes by, the demands of the beauty industry seem to get higher and higher. And this year was no different! Of course we saw the usual extreme plastic surgeries and of-the-wall beauty treatments, but in 2010, women took things to a whole new level of bizarre.

The newest craze in beauty? Vajayjays! Yes, you read that right. As if it isn’t already hard enough keeping up with the latest hair, makeup and clothing trends, now our private parts are also expected to live up to some pretty absurd standards as well. From vajazzling to vajacials, read on for the latest trends in vajayjay land.

Image 1
Kathy Griffin after getting vajazzled on “My Life On The D List”

Back in January, Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on Lopez Tonight to talk about her love of vajazzling and how it “makes her lady parts shine like a disco ball.” Soon after that, bedazzling your lady bits became an instant hit! In case any of you aren’t familiar with this wacky trend, it’s exactly what it sounds like you literally bedazzle your crotch area. Many spas offer the vajazzling service, but if you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, then try the Completely Bare Bikini Wax Kit with BONUS Vajewel Set.

Image 2
This one isn’t really a head scratcher either. Along the same lines as vajazzling, vattooing is a temporary tattoo for your private parts. Salons and spas like Completely Bare in NYC offer this airbrush service in addition to your bikini wax. Or you can take the easy (and frankly less embarrassing) route and go to your local drugstore and pick up some stick-on tattoos.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvination (LVR)
Okay this one’s definitely a little more invasive then a couple of crystals or some fake ink, but it’s still just as popular if not more. The procedure involves the tightening of the vaginal muscles and support tissues, resulting in prettier privates. Think of it as a face lift for your vajayjay. In case you’re contemplating LVR, you should know that prices can run as high as $9,000. Still interested?

Vagina Steam Baths or Vajacials
If you haven’t heard of this one yet, then that’s only because it hasn’t exactly caught on all over the country quite yet. It’s still a west coast thing, but just give it time. The treatments is based on a Korean procedure called chai-yok, in which one sits on an open-seated stool over a boiling pot of herbs. Believers claim that these steam baths help fights infections, infertility and regulate periods. Well, you know how the saying goes don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.

Vaginal Bleaching and Dying
That’s right apparently there’s a “right” color for our lady bits. And there are a number of dyes, bleaches and lightning gels on the market to help you get that picture-perfect private. South Beach Skin Solutions sells a lightening gel which contains sodium hydroxide the same ingredient that’s can also be found in drain de-cloggers and septic tank cleansers. Pass!