This Pro-Strength Acid Gel Cleanser Has Completely Curbed My Oily Skin

This Pro-Strength Acid Gel Cleanser Has Completely Curbed My Oily Skin
Photo: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

Product-hopping is the bane of my skin’s existence. Though it generally doesn’t give me problems, I’ve started to notice how constantly changing cleansers has created breeding ground for a cycle of mini breakouts that never seem to end as well as excess oil pretty much all over my face. For that reason, I challenged myself to use just one for a few months, and now I can give an accurate review of Urban Skin Rx’s Lactic Glow Cleanser, also known as my skin-care savior.

I’ve been privy to the effectiveness of this brand for quite some time. Its Even Tone Cleanser helped completely reverse my little sister’s cystic acne and the Super C Brightening Serum actually erased a couple of dark spots on my cheeks. But up until this fall, I had never consistently used any of the raved-about solid cleansers, co-signed by celebs including Teyana Taylor and Eva Marcille.

To be honest, the reason those cleansers never appealed to me is because I prefer having product in my hands, as opposed to applying with a sponge. Additionally, uneven tone isn’t a major concern for my face. What does leave me frustrated and so eager to try any and everything is my skin’s texture. It may look generally smooth to the naked eye, but it’s actually a bit bumpy because of new and old breakouts. With that being said, the Lactic Glow Micropolish Gel Cleanser piqued my interest because of its ingredients: a mix of lactic, malic and citric acids.

All three of the aforementioned acids qualify as alpha-hydroxy acids. This means that they loosen dead skin cells in the top layers of the skin. They’re derived from fruits and are water-soluble, meaning they can be easily dissolved by water. In simpler terms: They can be highly effective, even in the form of a cleanser mixed with other ingredients.

When used regularly, I noticed that it not only offered my skin a gentle yet clarifying scrub (especially when I rinsed with seltzer water); it diminished the bumps often left behind when I use a spot treatment on my pimples. The gel formula also isn’t super heavy, but still removes makeup whenever I  feel too lazy to use a cleansing balm beforehand. I will admit that I was a bit worried about the natural jojoba beads also used in the formula. However, these shouldn’t be confused with microbeads, which are made with plastic and harmful to the environment and skin.

Jojoba beads are derived from jojoba oil, which is actually a great source for delivering moisture to the skin after a deep cleanse. So when paired with acids, they’re a dream team because they balance out oily skin. This is by far the biggest result I’ve seen outside of improved texture and smoothness. So much so that I don’t even feel the need to use a toner every single day (though it’s still recommended for daily use to rebalance the skin’s pH).

As noted on the brand website—though I can’t speak for other skin types—this cleanser is a viable option for everyone. And as with any exfoliating, acid-infused products, don’t forget to wear SPF everyday since these products—though they reverse a bunch of common issues—also make the skin more vulnerable to sun exposure.

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