This At-Home Chemical Peel Kit Keeps Me Glowing Between Facials

This At-Home Chemical Peel Kit Keeps Me Glowing Between Facials
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We often hear “beauty is pain” when it comes to today’s obsession with cosmetic procedures. It’s evident that people will go to great lengths to look and feel like their most beautiful selves. Enduring a bit of temporary discomfort to achieve desired results is just a small price to pay to live your best life. That was exactly my sentiments when I decided to start chemical peels, including the Urban Skin Rx Dermapeel system — my new at-home favorite

A chemical peel is a treatment done by a licensed professional (dermatologist, esthetician, etc. ) that uses acids such as glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid to remove the top layers of the skin. This is most often used to help diminish the look of wrinkles, discolored skin and scars. Yes, it can be a bit intense which is why going to a pro is so important. Still, the treatment seems to be becoming more and more popular. There are more than 156 million views on TikTok under the hashtag #ChemicalPeel.

I first got introduced to chemical peels by my esthetician. After just one session, I was hooked as the treatment made my pesky dark spots less noticeable. My skin also had such a healthy, warm glow. Unfortunately, I could no longer book my chemical peels sessions every 4-6 weeks when the COVID-19 lockdown happened. I looked to more gentle at-home solutions to get my skin in order. That’s when I began incorporating the Urban Skin Rx Dermapeel Smooth & Glow Treatment 2 Step System into my skincare routine.

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Urban Skin Rx Dermaplaning Formulated This At Home Chemical Peel Kit Keeps Me Glowing Between Facials

Urban Skin Rx.

I’ve struggled with acne on and off for more than seven years. My skin has come a long way since. However, I still have acne marks from past breakouts that sometimes make me feel self-conscious. Generally speaking, the slightest breakout tends to leave a dark mark on my skin no matter if I pick at them or not. That’s why I began at-home chemical peels in the first place, both for when I don’t have access to my esthetician and when I need a little maintenance between facials.

After consulting with a pro, I quickly learned that chemical exfoliation does wonders to even out my skin tone, so trying out an at-home chemical peel was a no-brainer. This system comes with 12 Complexion Correction Chemical Peel Treatment Pads and three dermaplaning tools — pretty much everything you need. The dermaplaning tool is similar to an eyebrow razor and helps to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and fine (vellus) facial hair. The pads are packed with 15 percent glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinol to help resurface and smooth the skin.

at home chemical peel

Mika Robinson.

This gentle kit is easy to use, even for beginners. While you still need to be careful, it’s not nearly as intense as an office treatment — and that’s a good thing! To start, I washed and air-dried my skin. I used the dermaplaning tool to gently stroke my skin upward while holding my face taut. I avoided my eyebrows and active breakouts. Though I’m aware that I have some hair on my upper lip, it’s shocking to see all of the very fine hair on the razor that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Next, I gently rubbed the peel pad all over my face, avoiding my eye area. The stinging isn’t bad compared to a professional chemical peel, but sometimes I find myself reaching for a handheld fan to cool my face down. It’s worth noting that I avoid other exfoliating products on days I use this chemical peel kit. You don’t want to overdue it.

Immediately after applying the peel, my skin felt super soft. A day or so after, it continued to look smooth and healthy. I usually don’t experience peeling when using this kit, but my esthetician frequently tells me that your skin doesn’t need to flake or peel for chemical exfoliants to work. Though the brand recommends using the product 1-2 times a week, I prefer to do it 1-2 times a month, especially when visiting my esthetician. This way, I won’t over-exfoliate and irritate my skin in the long run. I sometimes even forgo the dermaplaning tool and skip right to peel pad as I still get great results.

chemical peel

Mika Robinson.

Whether you’re new to chemical peels entirely or are just looking for something to up the ante with your skincare routine, the Urban Skin Rx Dermapeel system is great to keep in your bathroom. You just never know when your skin may need a bit of boost.

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