Smoky Eye Looks You Can Create With Urban Decay’s Newest Naked Palette

Sable Yong

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In case you’ve been living under a beauty-free rock, you’ll know that Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palettes are pretty much the Air Jordans of makeup, with fans wildly pre-purchasing and literally lining up to snag one (or three) as soon as they’re released.

With a dozen richly-pigmented shades, these babies are pretty much fire when it comes to crafting the perfect neutral eye, so you can imagine how psyched we are that the new “Smoky” Naked palette includes a range of light and dark colors to create all kinds of contoured looks–so much so that we went a little wild with it ourselves, creating a bunch of smoky looks on our gorgeous intern, Katie.

Check them out below, and—once you get your hands on your palette—don’t hold back!



The Gold And The Beautiful
Gold is a flattering shade on most women, and you get three gold and bronze shades in this palette. Brushing the palest gold, Dirtysweet, all over the lid and in the inner corners, we blended medium bronze shade, Radar, from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. Lastly, Whiskey was used again to line the lashes, slightly winging out at the corner for a soft cat-eye.


Gritty Kitty
If you’re not into wearing an unabashedly pink shade on your eyes, High is the perfect rosy champagne shimmer in this palette. Using this pink champagne color all over the lid and in the inner corner of the eyes, we blended Smolder, a metallic eggplant color into the crease and under the lower lashes for a bit of jewel-toned soot, making this potentially girly eye look into something more grounded.


Smoke On Mirrors
Naked Smoky gives you three perfect silver/gray tones to create a quintessential smoky look. Without going too hard on the smoke, opting to play with texture instead, we ombré’d Slanted, a metallic gunmetal gray into Dagger, the deeper gray with a slight shimmer. Dagger was blended into a dramatic but soft wing shape going outwards, and swooped down to line the lower lashes. We dabbed more of Slanted onto the center of the eyelid as well as the center of the lower lash line to give the look a bit of metallic dimension. When you apply light-reflecting shimmer and gloss to the area of the eye that protrudes the furthest out (like the center of the eyelid) it makes your eyes appear rounder and deeper by dimension.

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Cat Power
A smoky cat eye is a must with this palette. With a glitter-speckled iridescent cool bronze (or warm silver, depending on how you look at it) shadow like Armor, this takes the classic smudged cat-eye to a new years eve party. Combust, the matte pale rose color was dusted on the entire lid, with Armor blended into the crease and extended into a pointed shape, defining the outer eye corner. Black Market, the deep shimmery black shade, was painted along the lash lines with a flat eyeliner brush and winged out in the outer corners for a smoky cat eye effect.


Alchemy Olympics
We love a good mixed metals makeup look and we love an excuse for Cleopatra-inspired makeup. This gold and silver layered look is pretty bold without looking so heavy. Luckily, it’s dead easy to do as well. Just dust Dirtysweet all over the upper lid, and use Slanted to line your upper and lower lash lines, extending it outwards for a dramatic wing. Voila!


The ’90s Called
High shine and moody shadows were all the rage in ’90s beauty looks. We’re incorporating both into this smoky eye. With High brushed all over the eye lid, dipping into the inner corners, we balanced that out with Password, a matte warm slate gray blended in the creases and outerwards. Upper and lower lash lines were lined with Whiskey for soft definition, creating a bold thick winged look that’s dramatic without resorting to lots of black.


Oil Slick
Going for the bold, we used the deepest and highest impact shades in this palette to create this gothy oil slick look. Using Smolder on the entire eyelid and creating shadow with Black Market, we blended the darkest shade outwards into a smoky wing. We used both shades to line the lower lash line. When you layer two shades to line your lashes, the result is slightly more dimensional than one flat color. Armor was dabbed in the inner corners for a high shine highlight.