Lizzo Revealed a New Urban Decay Naked Palette and I’m Freaking Out

Elizabeth Denton
Lizzo Revealed a New Urban Decay Naked Palette and I’m Freaking Out
Photo: Urban Decay.

Last night at the Urban Decay event in Los Angeles, Lizzo took the stage to perform and help promote the new Stay Naked Foundation. But while doing so, she revealed another Urban Decay launch that was totally unexpected. While getting ready backstage, Lizzo showed off the new Naked Honey Palette on her Instagram stories. Although I follow pretty much everything Lizzo does, I totally missed her post until this morning. That’s because I was in the audience waiting for her to perform. Her gorgeous renditions of “Truth Hurts,” “Juice” and “Soulmate,” proved it was totally worth the wait. And that eyeshadow? A gold dream.

“Look at this fucking thing,” she said, showing off the pretty gold Urban Decay packaging. “Brand new. Hot off the presses.” She then panned to the inside, which features neutral shades along with golds and honey colors. “I’m wearing that gold glitter on my eyes,” she adds.

urban decay naked honey

Image: Urban Decay.

Lizzo’s longtime makeup artist Alexx Mayo was responsible for her stunning makeup.

lizzo urban decay

Image: Instagram.

It looks like the duo is cooking up something “sweet” in regards to the upcoming palette. It’s possible Lizzo stars in the new campaign, just like she did in the Stay Naked Foundation photos and video. All campaigns are made better by the rapper/singer, who spreads positivity and self-love everywhere she goes.

We don’t have confirmation yet on the exact launch date of the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette but there are rumors it will be here as soon as September. I expect it to retail around the same price as previous palettes, at $54. Start saving up now.