Urban Decay Is Re-Releasing Its Original ’90s Lipsticks

Urban Decay Is Re-Releasing Its Original ’90s Lipsticks
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Heart be still—Urban Decay is bringing back the ’90s. OK, not all of the ’90s (nobody wants to re-experience the denim nightmare that was JNCO jeans), but the most important part of it: the crazy awesome makeup. In honor of Urban Decay’s 20-year anniversary, the cult-favorite brand announced on Instagram that it will be re-releasing nine lipstick shades from its original ’90s lipstick lineup. YUP.

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The lipsticks, writes Urban Decay, will be part of a vintage capsule collection, which, if that time capsule is anything like the one I buried in 6th grade, will probably also include an N*Sync CD, some Runts candy, and at least 400 Lisa Frank stickers. But for now, all we know is that the throwback lipsticks will include shades of navy blue, copper, mocha, eggplant, and the good ol’ goth-girl black. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that brighter-than-bright lipsticks—and Urban Decay—will never go out of style.

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