Urban Decay Unveils Epic ‘Naked 4Some’ Holiday Vault

Urban Decay Unveils Epic ‘Naked 4Some’ Holiday Vault
Photo: STYLECASTER/ Urban Decay

When Urban Decay, released its 3Some Vault for 2016’s holiday collection, we knew we could die in peace because we officially lived through a miracle. But this holiday season, the Earth has altogether stopped spinning because a 4Some Vault will soon be unleashed.That means four of their iconic neutral Naked Palettes— Naked, Naked2, Naked3, and Naked Heat— are in one clean, crisp box.

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Not only is the vault a perfect gift for new makeup lovers—or way to snag all four because you’ve depleted your arsenal—it’s a money saver, too. A single palette originally retails for $54 bringing the total of all four to a whopping $216 (ouch). But don’t worry, when you buy the vault it’s only $185 (a little less of an ouch, right?).

STYLECASTER | Urban Decay 4Some Vault

Urban Decay

If your mouth is still agape at the thought of $185, it might calm you to know Naked palettes offer quality and quantity. At four palettes and 12 shades a piece, that’s a total of 48 pigments that range from bronze, taupe, rose, and scorched neutrals; enough to take you from day to night, and back again.

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With no official release date, you’re going to want to keep your eyes glued to Ulta and Urban Decay’s websites. There’s no telling how fast they’ll sell out, so keep hitting that refresh button.