5 Easy Updos for Thick Hair

5 Easy Updos for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and have ever tried to complain about it to your thin-haired friends, you know how humble-braggy you sound: “My hair is just too thick! It won’t even stay in a ponytail! What am I, Rapunzel?” as the rest of the world stocks up on volumizing products and thickening tonics. But, hey, we’re not judging, because we get it. Sure, thick hair looks great when it’s down, but try to create an updo with it, and you’ve got a ten-pound weight attached—and slowly slipping—down your head. Cue: headaches, broken hairbands, and tons of frustration.

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But don’t fret; updos for thick hair are possible, as long as you know where to look and what to do. That’s where we come in. We rounded up the best of the best thick-hair tutorials that anyone can do with a few (dozen) bobby pins. Scroll down to see our favorites, and then try them out on yourself before your next party.

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Photo: ImaxTree

Braided and Pinned

The trick to making an updo last on thick hair is breaking it up into a bunch of smaller, separate sections before pinning them in place. This wraparound, multi-braid updo looks polished, yet somewhat boho, which is perfect for the updo-hater.



A braided bun and a few curled and pinned pieces create a surprisingly easy—and insanely romantic-looking—updo.



A few dabs of coconut oil and styling lotion kicks this pineappled style up a notch, and the ultra-thick hairband keeps even the thickest of curls in order.


Soft and Messy

Pinning a bunch of small sections back keeps this updo from feeling too heavy on your scalp, or falling apart after a few hours.



A few tucks, rolls, and twists turn your curls into a retro, ‘50s-inspired updo. Stick around for the whole video, since this beauty blogger shows three different, hella awesome styles.


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