Here’s An Updo That You Can Actually Recreate At Home

Amanda Elser

Want a quick and easy updo that you could actually recreate at home? Look no further than Alice Eve’s hairdo at last night’s The Raven NY screening. The actress looked charming in the stained pout, dewy skin and winged eyeliner, but what we really drooled over was her messy updo. We’ve examined this look from all angles and think we’ve figured out how you can recreate this look at home with three key ingredients — an elastic headband, bobby pins and mousse. Follow our steps below to get a similar look to Alice’s:

Start by adding a palm-size amount of mousse to towel dried hair. Make sure to evenly distribute the mousse throughout your hair with just your hands. Then dry your hair with a diffuser for a wavy, textured result. Remember, bobby pins will stay better in thick and curly hair over smooth and shiny locks. Once your hair is dry, section off the top portion of your hair and tease it with a bristle brush to give your look extra volume. This will also make sure that the elastic headband stays in place. Once your hair is teased, pull your hair back with an elastic headband (you could do one elastic strand, or two like Alice Eve). Bobby pin your headbands in place if need be. After your headband is secure, gather the rest of your hair just above the nape of your neck. You can then either opt for a messy ponytail or just twist your hair and pin it in place. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the look!

Beauty High Tip: Go to your local fabric store and buy elastic to create your own headbands! That way you can be certain that they will fit and you can create any look you’d like!

Image via sipa

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