10 Easy Hair Hacks That Make Any Updo a Breeze

Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

The messy bun has always been your go-to when hair is looking a little unruly, or maybe the gym ponytail is your idea of an updo. We get it: You’ve yet to add “hair whiz” to your resume. Even so, you shouldn’t have to resort to “been there, done that” hairstyles. Instead, make these simple hacks part of your daily arsenal for gorgeous updos that take mere minutes to create and require absolutely no skill. Leaving your hair down has never seemed so boring.

1. Bobby pins are the life force behind any updo. Ensure the pins don’t budge by placing the wavy side against your head for maximum grip.

2. To keep a fishtail braid tight, start by wrapping a ribbon around the base, then intertwine the ribbon as you braid for hold.

3. Still stumped by braided headbands? Keep unruly bangs in place instead by twisting two pieces together and pinning them at your ear.

4. Forget texturizing spray—add texture to any style by creating friction with a toothbrush.

5. For updos that require curling beforehand, skip the curling iron and go for hot rollersRic Pipino, celebrity stylist and global creative director for Alterna, recommends cutting a tissue in half and wrapping it around the roller before placing hair on top to prevent heat damage.

6. To avoid a stiff updo (it’s all too easy to overspray), spray bobby pins with hairspray for added grip.

7. Avoid bobby pins altogether by tucking hair under an elastic headband for a two-minute chignon.

8. You can’t get this updo wrong: Simply split your hair into two sections, twist together twice, tuck any remaining hair underneath and pin.

9. Upgrade your ponytail and fake fullness by separating hair into two, with one ponytail on top of the other.

10. Can’t French braid your own hair? Create a similar look by moving down the head with a segmented ponytail. Gather a section of hair, secure with an elastic, and repeat moving down to the nape of the neck.

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