Uoma Dropped Hands-Down the Best Mascara Launch of 2020

Elizabeth Denton
Uoma Dropped Hands-Down the Best Mascara Launch of 2020
Photo: Retailer/Elizabeth Denton; Design: Cierra Miller/StyleCaster.

Call it the face mask effect but it feels like there are mascara launches every day now. Some of them are just okay but many are truly great. One stands out from the rest, though, which is why I knew I had to do an Uoma Beauty Drama Bomb Mascara review. Founder Sharon Chuter worked for two years on her newest product and the quality shows. She created this formula to boost lashes of all shapes and sizes.

“This is an industry that continues to ignore the needs of women like me. I, like many black women, have very short lashes,” she explained on Instagram. She goes on to say that her natural lashes are invisible to the naked eye and she’s “lived on false lashes” for years. “Finally to bring a product to the market that truly works for ALL. Long lashes, short lashes, straight lashes and everything in-between,” she wrote. “Inclusivity goes beyond foundations and I hope to live in a world where I can partake in basic ass things like enjoying a damn mascara!”

uoma mascara


Now, I don’t have the shortest lashes but they are pretty straight so I’m usually looking for lengthening as well as curling. This mascara does it all. The hourglass wand catches every tiny hair to volumize, lengthen and lift. Even better, the vegan formula stays on all day without smudging and flaking. You can see my tired (24-hour election cycle!) eyes before and after a few coats.

uoma mascara before/after

Elizabeth Denton.

I also love that the formula didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. That’s because there are healthy-lash ingredients inside including castor, avocado and golden jojoba oils to nourish, as well as rice wax and synthetic beeswax to smooth and lengthen. All of that and it doesn’t smudge? Yes, please. Out of all the mascara launches of 2020 (so far!) this has to be up there at the top of the list.

Think it’ll work for you? Grab it at Ulta today.

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