3 Things You Can Do Better with Unwashed Hair

Rachel Krause
Unwashed hair

Photo: ImaxTree

Unwashed hair gets a bad rap for being, well, slightly less than clean. We’ll admit that squeaky-clean hair has its place in the world of beauty, but given how busy we are, and how much better infrequent washing is for your hair, we’re no longer afraid to rock our textured second-day hair on the regular, and why would we be? These three hairstyles are so much better when done on hair that isn’t quite clean.

Curl it.
If you have fine, straight hair, then you without a doubt know the frustration of taking a curling iron to clean, dry hair only to find it just doesn’t do anything at all. Not even texturizing sprays and powders can mimic the thicker, denser texture of hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two. We live by a wash/style routine of a smooth blow-dry on day one, a bit of dry shampoo and texturizing cream on day two, and a head full of heat-styled curls and waves on day three and beyond.

Mess it up.
Clean hair doesn’t offer much in the way of texture, which is why it’s so hard to get that coveted fresh-out-of-bed look. Even a handful of styling products meant to achieve the bedhead effect can fall short and do little more than make your hair look dirty, and not in a cute French way. Hair that’s actually a little dirty has better grip and takes better to tousling without being so obviously product-y. Work through a dab of texturizing cream and hit hair with a blow dryer for effortlessly sexy volume and bounce.

Pull off a major braid or updo.
If you have fine hair that has a slippery finish when clean, it can be tremendously difficult to create braids and updos that stay where they’re supposed to, but if you’ve ever battled with hair that feels too soft to be worked into a substantial style, another day can make all the difference. Whether you have a big event or occasion coming up that you want to plan ahead for, or if you’re just struggling with what to do with your unwashed hair, second-day hair is the best canvas for serious style. Dry shampoo your roots, run a bit of product through the lengths and ends, and get to work on that herringbone braid you’ve always dreamed of.

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