Guys, Please Don’t Make These Gaudy Unicorn Horn Nails Trendy

Guys, Please Don’t Make These Gaudy Unicorn Horn Nails Trendy
Photo: ImaxTree

Every single day—no, like, we’re not even being hyperbolic here; literally every single day—a new trend pops up that some website or Instagram account or blogger swears is the next big thing that’s about to break the internet. Most of the time, it ends up coming kinda true, and then we get inundated with rainbow hair, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, or glitter-filled everything for a few weeks. And now, it seems that 3D unicorn nails are “the next big thing.”

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At least, that’s what PopSugar reports, explaining that unicorn nails are created with pliable acrylic, which can be indented  to form the spiral texture of a unicorn’s horn, then filled with holographic powder, glitter, and shimmer. But, of course, no unicorn nail could ever exist on its own—no, it needs companion nails that are just as sparkly and magical, like nails covered in giant crystals, loose stars, and thick-as-hell glitter. And, of course, nails must be as long and as pointy as a unicorn’s horn.

But, in the great words of Regina George, stop trying to make unicorn horn nails happen—it’s not going to happen. Because our main complaint about this trend is how damn impractical these nails look. How can anyone type on a keyboard, remove contacts, or hold literally anything without puncturing the palm of their hand? Does it hurt, nail bloggers? Do your fingers literally hurt? Does the TSA regulate your hands as an in-flight hazard? TELL US.

Obviously, we stand behind everyone’s choice to bedazzle any part of their body they could possibly desire, but from a beauty standpoint, these suckers are gaudy. And hella inconvenient. And probably best reserved for Instagram pictures only. But if the look tickles your fancy, scroll down to see more inspo-worthy (?) photos of the trend. And then please come back and tell us how you feel with magical, glittery nails.

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