Uni.K.Wax Center’s Founder Tells Us How to Get the Least Painful Wax

Rachel Adler

Spring is drawing closer, which means it’s time for girls to start getting prepared– so break out the self tanner, moisturize more rigorously, and book an appointment at the waxing salon (that is, if your winter wasn’t already filled with these beauty-maintaining activities).

Many of us dread the waxing salon but know it is a crucial component to looking our best in minis and short-shorts (and, of course, our bikinis). Luckily, we’ve discovered a haven among waxing centers– no more wondering if the girl who’s touching your sacred parts has washed her hands, and no more screaming in pain from scalding hot wax.

Uni.K.Wax is an all-natural, herbal wax center, that offers both full-body and facial waxing, and completely removes hair with less pain. The secret is a special bright green, elastic-textured wax– which cools to the temperature of your body upon application thereby creating a “wax strip” for the esthetician to pull. The elasticity of the wax also helps to make hair removal less painful. Below, Noemi Grupenmager, the founder and CEO of Uni.K.Wax, explains why her waxing methods work.

SC: What is the difference between a hot wax, warm wax, and a cold wax? Which works better, and why?

Noemi Grupenmager: Our wax (considered a warm wax) works better than most others because it is warm in temperature. It’s only one degree above room temperature, so it has a soothing feel to it. And, since it isnt hot, the body doesnt have to react to pain from the wax. With cold wax, hair isn’t pulled from the root, so it grows back faster.

SC: What body areas can wax be used on? What is the area that is most frequently waxed?

NG: The wax at Uni.K.Wax Center can be used on every single part of the body, except for the scalp, because its not hot and wont peel the skin. The most frequently waxed area by women is the full bikini and the most frequently waxed area by men is the back.

SC: What precautions can be taken to make waxing less painful?

NG: Our system makes hair removal very comfortable, so you dont need anything. Many people find it necessary to take Advil before a traditional wax– but our natural wax removes hair without strips, reducing redness and pain.

SC: Are there any health precautions that should be kept in mind when getting waxed?

NG: People on Retin-A, AHA, and Renova shouldnt get waxed in any form– which we post in all of our rooms. You should also make sure your wax center is very clean– at Uni.K.Wax new customers get a fresh cylinder of their own wax. Every esthetician wears gloves and cleans the area to be waxed with a pre-depilatory toner– this is because the only bacteria that could be transferred would be found on the skin (since the esthetician is gloved and the wax is stirred just as you arrive).

SC: How often should someone get waxed?

NG: You should come in about once a month for a wax. We offer a program for newcomers that allows them to come in two weeks after their initial wax for a touch-up, at a very small cost. We’ve found this reduces the urge to shave. If you shave between waxing, youll alter how evenly the hair grows back. Also, shaving makes the area (whether its your legs, underarms, or bikini area) more sensitive to waxing.

SC: What effect does waxing have on the skin, and how can we minimize a sensitive reaction to the wax?

NG: Our wax is made for sensitive skin and has no added chemicals. Our customers do not get adverse reactions, and rarely have any redness afterwards. After the area is waxed, we apply a chamomile gel or an aloe vera lotion.

Noemi Grupenmager was dissatisfied with the expensive salons and hair removal services available across the country. So, in 1993 she founded Uni.K.Wax. She opened her first location in Miami Beach using her first wax, which took two years of in-depth laboratory research to create. Her business soon took off, and in 2005 she expanded throughout Florida. Eventually, franchises opened nationwide. Now Uni.K.Wax centers are located in three states including New York, Florida, and California with plans to expand internationally.

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