10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Under Eye Cream

Michelle Grossman
under eye cream

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We all know skin care products are important — we have moisturizers, oils, exfoliants, and facial masks all consuming our counters because we’ll try just about anything that claims to make our skin look great. But when it comes to anti-aging products — and especially under eye creams — there seems to be a ton of buzz, and we want to know the deal. Aren’t the hundreds (okay, maybe not hundreds) of face creams we already own enough? When it comes to our skin, we can probably all agree that we’d much rather be safe than sorry. So, below we’re filling you in on everything you need to know about under eye cream, and why it’s a skin care step you don’t want to skip.

1. It’s never too early to start using one: You’re never too young to start using an under eye cream because it’s all about prevention. Believe it or not, every time we do simple and frequent things, such as smile or squint, it causes the skin under our eyes to crease, which eventually leads to wrinkles. So, the earlier you start using an eye cream, the less fine lines you’ll be noticing later on down the road. It doesn’t hurt to moisturize!

2. And it’s never too late, either: If you already have fine lines, don’t think of your under eye area as a lost cause. While no cream can completely erase lines, many of the ingredients that help prevent them can also help reduce their appearance!

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3. Look for key ingredients: If you’re looking for an eye cream that will help prevent wrinkles, treat any existing ones, and moisturize your under eye area, there are some key ingredients to look for. Check out product labels for peptides, which stimulate collagen production, and moisturizers such as glycerin, urea, and hyaluronic acid, which help plump up fine lines.

4. Apply with your ring finger: Since it’s the weakest finger, and your under eye area is where your skin is most sensitive, you want to apply your under eye cream with your ring finger to avoid unnecessary tugging. Pat a few dots of the cream from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner, then gently massage into the skin.

5. Apply twice a day: For best results, use an under eye cream both in the morning and at night.

6. Your facial moisturizer probably isn’t enough: The skin under your eye is different from the skin on the rest of your face, which is why we need a separate moisturizer for the two. Skin surrounding the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face, so facial creams typically aren’t the same kind of formulation needed by the eye area.

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7. Try storing it in the refrigerator: If you suffer from tired eyes, this will help with puffiness, and to soothe them!

8. Use it under concealer: If your concealer’s looking cakey, an under eye cream may help smooth things out. Using one before applying your makeup can help prevent the product from settling in fine lines.

9. Opt for fragrance-free: The eye area is extremely sensitive, so opting for a fragrance-free cream won’t irritate the eye as much.

10. If you have oily skin, try a gel formula instead: This will moisturize your under eye area without increasing the oil production in your skin, win-win.