An Ulta Credit Card Is Coming

Lauren Caruso
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When I was in junior high, I used to save up all my babysitting/receptionist/waitressing money (I was responsible 16-year-old, ok?) to go to the nearest Sephora—I’d beg my mom to drive me the 45 minutes after payday because it wasn’t available at Target for reasons I could never comprehend—and buy Clinique’s Dramatically Different 3-Step System for oily skin because everyone has oily skin in junior high. Sometimes I’d pay in $40-worth of singles and change, but I by god, I made sure I was never out of that miracle gel.  Then, Ulta opened up within a five-minute walk from my house, and I could peruse to my heart’s content, even when payday was still a solid week away.

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Today, Ulta announced it will be introducing a branded credit card, which retroactively struck fear into my teenage heart, as though I could somehow go back and get myself into trouble. Not so.

“Customers were asking for it,” Ulta’s chief marketing and merchandising officer David Kimbell told WWD. “They showed interest in it, and I think it’s in large part because of the engagement that many of our guests have with our loyalty program. They were interested in ways to participate more, to get more points, to be more involved.”

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Sounds about right. The brand will introduce an Ultamate Rewards MasterCard, which is exactly what it sounds like, and an Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, which can only be used at Ulta.

Does this mean a Sephora credit card is next?