News: Tyra Brings Back Bowl Cuts; Would You Give Up Heat Styling?

Lauren Keller
tyra banks hair

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Tyra Banks arrived at the premiere for the new cycle of ANTM sporting gorgeous red lipstick, a sharp cat eye…and a bowl cut. Is it just us, or is she actually pulling this hairstyle off? [The Cut]

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is taking a step behind the camera for a change to produce a new show for NBC based around the 1980’s modeling world. The show will be called Icon and will, unfortunately, be fictional—so beauties like Naomi Campbell won’t be making an appearance. Boo-urns. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Most of us are slaves to our heat tools when it comes to styling our hair. This beauty editor wasn’t any different, until she went a whole month without using any. See how things turned out. [StyleCaster]

Lena Dunham posted an amazing fitspiration photo on Instagram, and we are INTO IT. [Instagram]

Marilyn Monroe is the epitome glamour, so it’s no surprise that that Lady Gaga is taking a few tips from the beauty icon. The pop star has been showing off a $20 drying technique that promises frizz-free hair that is a modern take on how Monroe used to style her hair. [Marie Claire]

Skip that shot of Patron and instead raise a glass to this amazing new trend in beauty care—’Beauty Shots.’ Offered from a range of different companies, these ‘shots’ give you everything from glowing hair to skin! [InStyle]