An Artist Breaks Down 5 Types of Typical New York Women—Which One Are You?

An Artist Breaks Down 5 Types of Typical New York Women—Which One Are You?
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Women these days are miraculous creatures. We’re smart, we’re goal-oriented, we make our own money, and we’ve certainly come a long way, baby. However, even though we’ve evolved into independent, room-commanding beings, we haven’t gotten away from our natural tendency to fall into tribes, albeit modern-day ones.

This fact is what inspired graphic artist Emily Armstrong for her first project for StyleCaster Creators. She took a look at five prominent female archetypes in New York: The Socialite, The Feminist, The Blogger, The Hipster, and The Basic. She broke each one down into a series of captivating and cheeky mind maps which you’re about to see.

If you’ve never heard of a mind map, it’s a cool way to visually organize a central thought, using words and images that are all connected to each other.  Emily’s maps were handmade, each taking about six hours to complete.

Hundreds of words, dozens of pens and markers later, we have a beautiful and funny series where you can discover (and poke fun at) the type of woman you are—wherever you live.

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The Hipster

Catch her at the newest art gallery opening or making her very own dried kale chips. The Hipster would never wear mainstream labeled clothes (unless she got them at Beacon's Closet) and is typically the owner of oversized glasses, whether they are actually blind or not. Also fans of non-ironic irony, paperback books, and colored skinny jeans.

"The Socialite"

You can usually find her brunching at Barneys New York or strolling around the Upper East Side. Secretly worshiping Olivia Palermo's closet and Lauren Santo Domingo's bank account, The Socialite spends her weekends at her Hampton's house or at a polo match with her finance boyfriend. She can't go one morning without her essential green juice after her workout at the nearest Exhale Spa. #FirstWorldProblems

"The Basic Girl"

Also known as a "Basic Bitch", she is devoid of anything remarkable or unique, and spends her time reading chick-lit like 50 Shades of Grey, binge watching reality TV shows, and being a fully fledged fan of whatever food happens to be trending (kale, anyone?). She usually spends her days off watching Sex and the City, and her nights out at a bar meeting up with guys on Tinder. The Basic Girl typically sports some version of a logo bag, listens non-stop to Taylor Swift, and constantly #literallycanteven.

"The Blogger"

Typically staring down at her phone or looking to her right (for whatever reason), The Blogger spends her Saturday nights sipping on champagne in the Meatpacking District and her Sunday afternoon's munching on avocado toast and iced lattes at brunch, mainly for the sake of the Instagram. She's typically be seen in an of-the-moment trend paired with a loud accessory to match, detail shot FTW.

"The Feminist"

Usually not wearing a bra because she's #freeingthenipple, The Feminist usually rocks out to NPR and her days off watching Girls re-runs. The only drink she orders at a bar is whiskey neat because men don't define her drink choices. They are also huge fans of Emma Watson and bringing Feminism into every conversation she has.

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