What Type Of Straightener Should I Use On My Hair?

Wesley O'Meara

Dear Wesley, 

What type of straightener do you suggest for women with short, thick and curly hair? I can’t ever get to my roots!



This is SUCH a good question. There are options out there for you, depending on the amount of money you can spend.

Do you like to wear your hair straight everyday? If so, I would recommend seeing a professional for a one-time treatment that will DRASTICALLY help you along the way with your straightening woes. Depending on your texture, you can have a licensed cosmetologist use a mild relaxer (this is recommended for thick and curly hair only). DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, over the counter relaxers are readily available, but they are so risky to use by yourself — often times resulting in breakage and damage to your scalp. Just leave some stuff to the professionals.

When it comes to straightening your hair, all of the hard work should be put into the blow dry. Blow drying your hair as straight as possible will help your hair stay straighter for longer. The flat ironing process should be used to “seal the deal” and prefect the straightness of your locks. Once this service has been done you will even see how easy it will be to blow-dry most of your hair out straight, and flat ironing the rest of your hair. Your roots will no longer be as curly as they once were, so getting in there with your normal flat iron will not be such a chore.

Don’t want to chemically straighten your hair? No problem, commitments on the permanent level can be scary! There are tools available and designed specifically for getting down deep and straightening those stubborn roots. An affordable tool that has been around for decades is the hot comb. I recommend using the Hot Tools Professional Pressing Comb, this has a heat control settings that can be adjusted to a level of heat that is best suited for your hair type (high setting for course/thick hair and a low setting for fine hair). This tool is a little tricky and can burn you, so be careful not to let it touch your scalp for too long.  These types of combs do not have safety guards, so using common sense when straightening your hair is a MUST! I suggest this tool for girls who are experienced when it comes to straightening your hair or if you have a friend or relative willing to help you.

Willing to spend a little extra cash? If so, this tool can change your life! The Root Control root straightener from R Session tools is fantastic and is what I use on my clients with stubborn, hard to straighten roots. This tool has a guard on it, thus greatly reducing the risk of burning yourself.The root straightener also has heat control settings to be adjusted according to your hair type.

Whenever you apply heat to your hair, I always recommend some sort of heat protectant. Try using Herbal Essences Set Me Up heat protectant spray. Spray from roots to ends while the hair is still wet, then blow dry your hair as you normally do. Before flat ironing your hair, LIGHTLY mist the hair from roots to end (on dry hair) and flat iron right over the product. Any steam you see will be from the product doing it’s trick so don’t worry! You would much rather see the product steaming away than the actual moisture in your hair steaming away, right?!

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