Expert-Recommended Facials According to Your Biggest Skin Concern

Expert-Recommended Facials According to Your Biggest Skin Concern
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Should we care about getting facials beyond special occasions? Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I got one. Even as a beauty editor, I’ve always assumed that anything outside of what I use at home is an every-once-in-a-while luxury that you save money for. But as I get older and start to notice small but significant changes in my facial skin, I’m realizing that it simply doesn’t bounce back the way it used to. And if I care about keeping it healthy, I shouldn’t feel guilty about going beyond my daily routine.

Well, according to Yen Reis, founder of Skin Laundry, a laser and light facial clinic that also sells products, that is one of the biggest misconceptions about a facial treatment.

“Most do facials on their birthday as a treat or on holidays to put their best skin forward,” says Reis. “In reality, regular facials allow you to maintain better skin quality year-round. Like everything in life, you will achieve better results with regular treatments!”

If you’re someone who’s never gotten a facial, there are a few things to note before walking into a spa or dermatologist’s office (the most common places to get one). First, traditional treatments typically last 60 to 90 minutes and are priced between $100 and $250. Reis recommends one per month at minimum, but frequency really depends on the type of facial you’re getting. First-timers should allow enough time for research so you can find a facialist who offers quality treatments at a fair price, so it doesn’t feel like a complete gamble.

“I created Skin Laundry because I wanted to offer high-quality laser facials that work at an affordable price point. As you probably guessed, I’m partial to Skin Laundry since we offer a world-class Laser + Light Facial that is results-driven for only $65.”

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You can also narrow your search by looking at the best options for your specific skin concerns. Ahead, Skin Laundry’s global medical director Dr. Adam Geyer shares the most popular treatments for seven of them.

For Dry Skin or Eczema

Try a moisture-boosting Hydrafacial procedure to infuse hyaluronic acid and other key antioxidants utilizing pressurized/hyperbaric oxygen to drive delivery of these ingredients deeper into the skin.

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For Psoriasis

Safely harness the power of UV light by treating plaques of psoriasis with an excimer laser, which uses focused narrow-band UVB rays to reduce inflammation in the skin, without overexposing the entire body to the sun’s broader UV rays.

For Oily Skin

Photodynamic therapy can be an effective treatment for reducing sebum production in the skin. The treatment involves pairing the application of a photosensitizing agent such as Levulan or Ameluz with subsequent exposure to blue or red LED light.  The resulting photochemical reaction takes place within pores and deep within the skin to target overactive oil glands.

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For Normal/Combination Skin

A great treatment for someone with normal/combination skin to improve their skin’s tone, texture, and lines is a session of a non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser. My personal favorite devices are the LaseMD and Clear and Brilliant.

For Cystic Acne

For isolated acne cysts, nothing beats the speed and efficacy of a cortisone injection. A quick visit to your local derm can help address large and stubborn cysts. Photodynamic Therapy, mentioned above for oily skin, can also be a great treatment to reduce acne severity.

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Skin Laundry

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For Pregnancy Skin

In pregnancy, it is best to keep things simple. In addition to Skin Laundry’s signature Laser + Light Facials during pregnancy to keep your skin looking its best, I would suggest LED therapy. Home LED devices or masks delivering red/blue light can be helpful to keep acne at bay and keep skin looking fresh, or head to your dermatologist’s office for more powerful alternating red/blue LED sources to safely remove acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and boost your skin’s collagen.

For Random Breakouts

Treatment with the Isolaz 2 device (combining suction, LED therapy, and infusion of pore unclogging ingredients) can help keep pores unblocked and bacterial load lower on the skin—which can help reduce the frequency of random breakouts.