Your Weekend Hairstyle: Create A Twisted Updo With a Headband

Alle Connell
twisted headband updo

Image via Hello Natural.

Our weekends are times to rest and relax—and the last thing we want to do is spend ages fussing with our hair. Unfortunately, sometimes you have social obligations that require some fancy styling. Whether it’s a weekend wedding, fancy lunch or romantic date, you need a go-to hairstyle that is chic AND easy.

Enter this twisted headband updo, which is making our late-summer life infinitely better. Not only is it as elegant as all get-out, it takes three minutes to do, keeps our hair off our neck and out of our faces, and works on every hair type. If you have locks that touch your collarbone, consider this your new favorite fancy ‘do. Here’s exactly how to do this style, step by step.

1. Comb your hair and part it however you like—center parts, deep parts and no parts at all all work with this style. We’ve noticed that it’s easiest to do this style with second or third-day hair; the added texture helps keep it in place.

2. Take a circular elastic headband and place it overtop your hair. It should sit about two inches back from your hairline in the front and just above your ears at the sides. Don’t put the headband over your ears; that’s the quickest way to get a headache.

3. Starting at the front and using 1-2″ sections, wrap your hair over and around the headband as you work towards the back of your head. Do both sides this way—the hair will cover the band and look almost like a braid.

4. The hair at the back of your head, under the headband, should still be loose. Split it in half and start wrapping it over the headband at the back, pulling it through the hair as you go. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy—this style looks better slightly dishevelled!

5. Tuck the ends under the headband—they’ll be hidden by the hair roll you’ve made.

6. Pull gently at the twists on either side to loosen them, if you like, and add a couple of bobby pins to any sections that you feel might not be secure.

7. You now have a totally chic, twisted updo—and, as a tip from us to you, if you do this on slightly damp hair, you can take it out for loose, romantic waves.

And in case you’d like to see this style demonstrated, behold this amazing video from Camila Coelho that shows you exactly how to twist and tuck!

Now go forth and enjoy your weekend with a gorgeous updo! Who knew it could be so simple?

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