Get Twisted: Learn How to Do This Half-Up Style

Rachel Adler


One of the most difficult hairstyles to master correctly is the half-up style, but when you get it right it can have an endless amount of life to it (and perfectly update your ‘do after a long day). The “twist” that we have been seeing both on the red carpet and the runways as of late is a great trick to add to your hairstyle arsenal as it can jazz up any ponytail, updo or half-up look.

Hairstylist and makeup artist Alice An taught style blogger Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty how to get this look herself in just a few steps. Below are An’s tips for getting the look just right – try it out yourself!

Step 1: Section out the front portion of the hair (about 1 inch back all the way around the head) – this will be the bulk of your twist.

Step 2: Leaving that first section out, pull the remaining hair into three sections, dividing into a section at the middle of the head and two on the sides.

Step 3: With those three main sections that you just created (still leaving that front section of hair alone) tease your hair with a Conair Lift & Style Finishing Comb. Hold your hair taut and push the hair from the middle of the section down into the roots to tease with the comb. Continue through the remaining sections (still leaving that front “twist” section alone).

Step 4: Then, take a wide toothed comb (or your fingers) and smooth out the teasing gently, leaving the bulk of the volume there but letting your hair looked clean and “brushed.” At this point, you should still see volume in your crown area.

Step 5: Next, pull down your final section (the front one you have been saving) and find your side part and begin to twist a small, 1 inch section of hair downwards toward your ear (using your finger to guide the hair). Pull in hair to the twist, like a French braid, feeding in more hair as you work your way down your head, taking the twist behind your ear and pinning with mini pins to hold.

Hair/Makeup: Alice An, using Conair Professional – Babyliss Products
Model: Christine Bibbo Herr, NYC Pretty
Stylist: Liz Doupnik, StyleCaster
Photographer: Patrick Biesemans, StyleCaster

Fashion Credits: Topshop Glitter Ombre Body-Con Dress, $80,; Jordan Askill for Topshop Panther Ring, $90,; BCBGeneration Cuff with Red Stone Detail, $45, similar styles at