The 6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Tweezing Your Brows

Rachel Adler
Model with great eyebrows


Eyebrows are a tricky, tricky thing – they can take years of tweaking to get the shape just right, and once you get a shape you love you have to constantly give them some TLC to keep them properly groomed. Like all other areas of your body where hair is involved, if just one is out of place it can throw off the entire look. So, that is of course why we invest in tweezers (oftentimes way too many pairs to count) to groom our brows ourselves. But we all know that picking and prodding at our brows can easily go awry – which is why we’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid when tweezing your brows. Read on below and yield your brow “weapons” with caution from now on.

While this might be obvious, we have to say it. Don’t over-pluck your brows. If you’re worried that plucking that hair may be taking things too far, just don’t do it. Brow hairs range in consistency (and are so much more noticeable – they’re on your face!) so you need to be cautious. You should learn your brows’ thickness so you know how far will be “too far.”

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Using old tweezers:
Using an old set of tweezers can be harmful on your brows, as the dull edges will cause you to continually try (and fail) to pull at the hairs making the area more red and sensitive than pulling hairs out in one clean tweeze. Make sure to either get new tweezers or send them in to Tweezerman’s sharpening service once you feel like yours aren’t doing the job correctly.

Over exaggerating your arch:
No one wants a face with permanently raised eyebrows, so tweezing your brows into a crazy arch is not the way to go. Instead, find your natural arch by looking for your brow’s highest point (normally about two-thirds of the way from the inside of your brow). Tweeze below this point to create a lift.

Forgetting the top of your brow:
Don’t ever neglect the top of your brow, where stray hairs can grow as well. Tweezing at the bottom will create that nice lift you want, but cleaning up the top will get rid of any pesky stray hairs that tend to grow in random spots.

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Taking too much off at the sides of the brow:
When you’re in a hurry, most tweezing happens just on the sides of the brow, where that dreaded “unibrow” area can be. But, this area can also easily get over-plucked, causing far too big of a gap between the brows (or even worse, shortened on the opposite ends as well). Keep in mind that the beginning of your brows should line up with the bridge of your nose, not the very outer edge of your nostril.

Never getting them professionally done:
And, while it’s nice to be able to tweeze and pluck your brows at home, stop in and get them professionally cleaned up once in awhile for a proper grooming and shaping. The professionals will be able to really shape them and make sure you’re doing a great job in between visits.