Cynthia Rowley teamed up with Tweezerman to give some common beauty tools a bold new look.

Tweezerman Gets a Facelift from Cynthia Rowley

Sydney Scott

tweezermanrowley Tweezerman Gets a Facelift from Cynthia Rowley

Most beauty tools can be really exciting to look at and some just look like scary dental tools (sorry, but eyelash curlers look terrifying). So when fashion designers team up with beauty brands to add some je ne sais quoi in the mix, it usually produces some pretty cool collaborations.

For this year’s designer series, Tweezerman has teamed up with designer Cynthia Rowley to bring beauty addicts tools they can brag about (and won’t scare those of us who have no idea what we’re doing). The collection comes in bold graphic prints at reasonably prices, so who says beauty has to break the bank?

But this isn’t the first beauty-related collaboration for the New York based designer. Rowley has also added her touch of chicness to an Amika flat iron and even collaborated with Band-Aids for quite a stylish collection. As for Tweezerman, the beauty brand has teamed up with the likes of Gwen Stefani and Betsey Johnson for their previous designer series.

The 2012 Limited Edition Designer Series Collection will be exclusively available at Sephora July 19th, with items ranging from $5-$25 each, so make sure to swing by a location near you and add these cute tools to your beauty bag!