Shoppers Swear This Vitamin C Moisturizer Gives a ‘Whole New Level of Confidence & an Absolute Glow-Up’—& It’s on Sale

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Shoppers Swear This Vitamin C Moisturizer Gives a ‘Whole New Level of Confidence & an Absolute Glow-Up’—& It’s on Sale

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Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “Another vitamin C product??” But we promise this one stands out among the rest. First of all, it’s a moisturizer and not another serum. Second of all, it contains a bunch of skin-loving ingredients in addition to vitamin C. And lastly, it has the nicest gel-cream texture that isn’t too thick or heavy—perfect for summer! 

Tula’s Bright Start Vitamin C Antioxidant Brightening Moisturizer gives you an antioxidant boost with the help of a powerful trio of ingredients. Vitamin C, mandarin orange and tranexamic acid team up to brighten dull skin and fade dark spots.

“Within a few short weeks, I noticed my acne marks were significantly less noticeable and my skin had this amazing glow to it, almost like a natural radiance,” raved one five-star reviewer. “I’m not the type to usually go out without makeup, but I love what this is doing to my skin. A whole new level of confidence and an absolute glow-up.”

We’re suckers for anything that’ll give us a summer-ready natural radiance and glow-up. We’re also suckers for skincare that’s on sale, and this product, along with all of Tula’s offerings, has a 20 percent discount right now. Be sure to load up your cart by May 15 when the brand’s friends and family sale ends.

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Tula Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Photo: Tula.

You can pretty much always expect Tula products to contain a mix of prebiotics and probiotics. This moisturizer has both for keeping skin balanced and smooth. Besides the regulars, vitamin C, mandarin orange and tranexamic acid add a glowy radiance to your skin and fade the appearance of dark spots. On top of that, Japanese mandarin, yuzu and hyaluronic acid deliver hydration and even out skin tone. We can’t forget about the wild butterfly ginger that provides antioxidant protection. Basically, this formula has it all. 

“My new favorite from Tula. I love how lightweight it is and it makes my face have such a glow,” wrote one shopper.

This moisturizer is great for oily, combination, dry and mature skin types, and goes on after your serum. Use it in both the morning and night, but remember to apply sunscreen after spreading it on in the morning.

“It’s a soft creamy texture that feels heavenly on my skin,” wrote another shopper. “I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the way my skin looks and I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks.”

Vitamin C Brightening Kit

Courtesy of Tula.

Vitamin C Brightening Kit

Even better, though: You can shop this top-rated vitamin C moisturizer along with the brand’s coveted vitamin C serum in a money-saving bundle. You’ll save $20 with this kit that’ll have you absolutely glowing for the spring and summer months.

Along with the vitamin C moisturizer mentioned above, the duo includes the vitamin C serum that is filled to the brim with probiotics and prebiotic extracts that smooth skin and help it keep healthy. The Triple Vitamin C complex in it brightens skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots—this is in part thanks to the lychee, mandarin and mango extracts included in the formula. These natural ingredients help skin reach its brightest, clearest and most glowing potential.

“This is such a fresh and clean routine leaving your skin flawless,” wrote one reviewer. Another added that the kit “Definitely helps with my redness and hyperpigmentation!”

As we all know, implementing vitamin C in our skincare routine can help with a number of skin concerns, like discoloration, fine lines and acne.

“This moisturizer has not only helped even out my skin tone but it’s significantly finished my dark spots from sunbathing and old acne scars!” explained another reviewer.

It’s settled, then. Tula’s vitamin C moisturizer is about to become your goop of the summer. Say goodbye to dull, dark spot-ridden skin and hello to a bright, glowing complexion.

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