Tuesday’s #NailCall: Summer Brights

Rachel Adler
Tuesday’s #NailCall: Summer Brights
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As the weather warms up we tend to head towards the neon shades in our nail polish box. I currently have a bright pink on both my nails and toes (a rare occasion in which I’ve chosen to match) but every single orange, yellow and blue is constantly calling my name. It certainly seems to be no different with all of you, as the Nail Calls this week have been of the bright and shall we say “creative” variety.

Check out the slideshow above to see which manicures made the cut this week and be sure to submit your own manicure for next week’s #nailcall by tweeting us a picture of your manicure to @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #nailcall.

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@allaboutannasu's brightly colored tips are quite a trend this season, and we're loving them paired with a soft neutral.

@LeCityKitty certainly takes her love of cats seriously, and this fun cat manicure is a great way to wear the stiletto nail trend.

@NinaINLA tried out an ombre pink manicure for Cinco de Mayo.

@Dawnavette has gotten on the bright yellow trend with this neon yellow Essie.

@allaboutannasu's on quite a nail streak, and we're loving her summer nails from @ValleyNYC.

@TheAugustaWind gave herself a rainy-weather inspired manicure. We're liking the stormy look.

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