Tuesday’s #NailCall: One-Polish Wonders and Graphic Designs

Rachel Nussbaum

Even as we’ve kept on chugging, we’ve been feeling a bit of nail art fatigue, searching for looks that feel fresh and less tapped-out. And as it happens, those are the very ones we’ve been avoiding: single polish looks, or those that veer artsier with clean, graphic black lines. This week’s #NailCall proves the point, with most of you going for some variation on the trends. Nail art is fun, but there’s something to be said for the clean, well-done look of one color–they’re more of a well-focused statement than a distraction, and it’s always better to say more with less.

Nails are increasingly considered an accessory, and it’s the same as with a well-made bag; simplicity lasts, while overdone fads quickly fade away. Then again, that’s the joy of nails! They’re not usually what we’re laughing at in old photos of ourselves, if we can even see them (it’s our hair). Feel the same, or think nail art will pull a Terminator and be back? Submit your own looks by tagging @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall for the chance to be featured on our site next week!

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