Tuesday’s #NailCall: Halloween Nail Art & Fall Shades

Rachel Adler

Now that October is here, we are clearly ready for Halloween. For this week’s #NailCall we saw a mix of Halloween nail art and a heavy dose of fall hues, as well as a few people who just weren’t ready to give up their neons quite yet. Luckily, when it comes to nail polish, there is a bit more leeway in terms of extending your use of brights. While we of course love them all equally, we can’t help but be excited over the fact that the holiday nail art is coming in droves.

Check out the slideshow above to see which manicures made the cut this week and be sure to submit your own manicure for next week’s #NailCall by tweeting us a picture of your manicure to @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall.

All images via Twitter or Instagram.

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