Tuesday’s #NailCall: Nail Art Galore

Rachel Nussbaum

Your nail art skills were out in full force this week, with designs ranging from zig-zags, cheetah spots and flowers to outer space. We’re loving the creativity, especially because some of the designs are so miniscule–we’re not sure we could draw a seahorse with a Sharpie, let alone a tiny nail brush. It’s talent, and say what you will about nail art giving way to textured options, as long as there’s polish, there’ll be designs. It’s a “where there’s a will, there’s a way” situation, and with showings like this week’s, we’re totally okay with that.

Pastel shades are also having a moment, and we’re surprised how much we love the Easter egg hues on nails. Maybe not quite as good as when they’re accompanied by baskets of chocolate eggs, but nothing ever is. We’ll try to get over it. Take a look through this week’s slideshow, and hedge your bets for making it into next week’s by tagging @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall!

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