Shoppers Call This Vitamin C Serum a ‘Real Life Filter’—& It’s on Sale For Under $22

Shoppers Call This Vitamin C Serum a ‘Real Life Filter’—& It’s on Sale For Under $22
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There’s an entire universe of skincare on Amazon, and it’s so vast that it would take light years to go through every product. Even if you filter results to show only the things you’re looking for, it would still take a lot of patience. If you’re on the hunt to find the best vitamin C serum for your skin, let us guide you in the right direction.

TruSkin’s Vitamin C Serum needs to be at the top of your list—it has over 88,000 five-star reviews and is on sale for just $22 at Amazon.

This shopper-loved vitamin C serum improves wrinkles, dullness and uneven skin tone. And thanks to the serum’s formula, shoppers actually see results. Aside from being packed with antioxidants, this vitamin C serum incorporates jojoba oil to soothe the skin and adds an extra dose of moisture to the skin. 

So how does it work? Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that holds a laundry list of benefits like brightening the skin, fading away dark spots and even reducing signs of aging. Thanks to its universal benefits, it’s held a consistent place on skincare’s most popular ingredient list. It’s even known as being an extremely effective SkinCeuticals dupe. Vitamin C works well with most skin types and can easily be added to your skincare routine alongside your other beloved products.

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TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face

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Even though vitamin C effectively transforms the skin, it often causes irritation if you are not familiar with using it. If you’re new to using the antioxidant, expect some discomfort until your skin adjusts to it. Also, if you’re using retinol products, make sure to layer in a moisturizer to seal in much-needed hydration that will soothe your skin. 

The serum has racked up over 88,000 five-star reviews
from shoppers that can’t stop praising its benefits for their skin. It makes skin look so smooth and youthful, that one shopper called it a “real life filter,” and added, “I’ve used this at night for 30 days. I didn’t do a before and after, but I can honestly say that when my kid took a picture of me the other day, it looked like he added a filter. Literally, my skin looks ridiculously better. I’m 40. I grew up a beach baby and live in Las Vegas now, and I’m in the sun daily. I swear on 37 Bibles that this stuff has easily taken off ten years from my face.”

Another reviewer called the brightening serum a “miracle in a bottle.” They wrote that they wanted to fight signs of aging and decided to give the serum a try. “My skin tone has evened out, much brighter, and friends and family has commented that my skin is glowing and that I look younger! Well, that was the whole point wasn’t it?”

After using the serum
that doubles as an anti-aging product, shoppers reported that dull skin and fine lines disappeared.

A final user in their 50s was searching to reverse their years of sun damage and creepy skin. “​​I never thought I would see much results let alone so quickly. I woke up with such glowing skin this morning. And my face feels so soft,” they explained.

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