Troye Sivan is Doing Something In Beauty and We’re Excited

Elizabeth Denton
Troye Sivan is Doing Something In Beauty and We’re Excited
Photo: Shutterstock.

Troye Sivan is already a triple threat. He’s a talented singer/songwriter, whose second studio album Bloom reached number three in Australia (where he’s from) and number four on the Billboard 200 chart. He’s also an actor, having stared in Boy Erased and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now, thanks to Sivan’s Vogue 73 Questions video, it looks like he might be jumping into the beauty business.

It’s not a total surprise considering Sivan has really upped his style game as of late. He’s been playing around with his look, rocking bleached-blonde hair and vintage-style threads. His bright blue eyes and infectious smile even landed him a gig this year as a M.A.C. ambassador for Viva Glam alongside his boyfriend of three years, Jacob Bixenman. That might not be his only foray in beauty, though.

In the Vogue video, Sivan spills some news that he’s “testing out some scents and things for a little project.” He asks the interviewer to smell some candles, which makes me think he’s collaborating with a fragrance company on a unisex scent. But then he pulls out some white nail polish and paints the interviewer’s nails, which makes me think maybe he’s really doing a beauty brand of his own. That or he has a few more collaborations coming down the pipeline.

It’s worth watching the whole 73 Questions video to learn more about why Sivan isn’t bleaching his hair again anytime soon (the damage!), his go-to outfit and what he misses most about Australia. Plus, get a peek at his cute dog and boyfriend.

In fact, Sivan just announced a headline tour around his home country. We have a feeling we’re going to see some more beauty transformations from the pop star as he slays on stage.