Redditors Think This $8 Exfoliant Is a Close Dupe For Renée Rouleau’s Triple Berry Peel

Mia Maguire
Redditors Think This $8 Exfoliant Is a Close Dupe For Renée Rouleau’s Triple Berry Peel
Photo: Courtesy of Renée Rouleau.

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If you follow any beauty editors or skincare buffs on social media, you’ve probably stumbled upon a selfie or two with the subject’s face drenched in a wine-red mask-like substance on your feed at some point or another. Nope, there’s not some new Dracula-inspired skincare trend on the horizon (at least as far as I know, anyway), it’s the highly coveted Triple Berry Smoothing Peel by celebrity esthetician (she enhances the flawless complexions of Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter, and Lili Reinhart just to name a few) and sensitive-skin-specialist, Renée Rouleau.

Rouleau herself has amassed an impressive cult-following over her three-decade-long career, so it only makes sense that her eponymous skincare line does too, and one of the best-sellers is without a doubt the Triple Berry Smoothing Peel (it’s Lovato’s favorite product from the line), which gently exfoliates the skin and decongests clogged pores thanks to a blend of AHAs and BHAs (Salicylic Acid), but also a cocktail of other under-the-radar actives, including (as its name implies): raspberry fruit, raspberry seed oil, strawberry fruit, and blueberry and pomegranate extracts. So yeah, It’s basically an antioxidant-rich superfood smoothie for your skin.

The creamy, gel formula kind of looks and feels like an artisan jam (oh, and it smells like one too), but one of its most distinctive talking points is that unlike other at-home peels on the market, it’s actually gentle enough for sensitive skin. It also contains raspberry seeds, which gives the surface of the skin a super mild physical exfoliation (this isn’t an abrasive exfoliator like the one apricot scrub you used to abuse in high school), but it’s also infused with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients to counteract irritation and prevent the skin from peeling. It’s truly a magical peel — and while it may very well be worth the money IMO — it’s also a staggering $85 a pop, but fortunately, I’ve found a Triple Berry Peel dupe that’s ~almost~ just as good.

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renee rouleau triple berry

Renee Rouleau.

Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel

If you do want to invest in the real deal, you probably won’t regret it, TBH.

Often dubbed the “vampire mask,” or “blood mask,” The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution has its very own cult-following of fans — dupe and budget-friendly price-point aside. The TikTok-viral skincare product has been one of my best (and affordable) kept secrets for almost six years now, but now, this $8 miracle worker is hard to keep in stock. I found this dupe discussion on numerous Reddit threads drawing the same comparisons, with one user even calling The Ordinary’s peel The Triple Berry Peel’s “little sister.”

The peel works instantly (seriously) to slough away dead skin cells, smooth surface texture, and fade the look of dark spots and fine lines over time with consistent use (once or twice a week is plenty with this guy, BTW). Of course, while it’s the closest thing to the O.G. Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, there are a few notable differences to consider.

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Courtesy of The Ordinary.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

This quick-fix formula yields noticeable results in just ten or fifteen minutes for me.

As an expert in sensitive skin, Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing Peel was formulated to be tolerable for all skin tones. I have sensitive and reactive skin, and while I swear by The Ordinary Peeling Solution, it does give a tingling feeling while it’s on, and usually leaves my skin red after I wash it off for an hour or so.

For me, it’s worth the burn, because it really does keep its promises when it comes to brightening dullness and blasting away texture and enlarged pores, but Triple Berry Smoothing Peel is going to be much more soothing and gentle without compromising effectiveness.

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